Fernblock® demonstrates its action against melasma

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A study published in 2018 has shown that Fernblock®, the main ingredient in  the Heliocare range, improves the results of melasma treatments by accelerating and optimizing their effects, as published in the American medical journal  Journal of Clinical and Aesthetic Dermatology. 

Researchers from the  National Skin Center in Singapore  have shown that the use of oral Fernblock® in combination with standard melasma therapy can contribute to the faster and more effective reduction in the extent and intensity of lesions.

The study involved 33 Asian women with melasma, ages 25 to 55. They were divided into two study groups, one whose treatment is with 4% hydroquinone, (an effective anti-melasma and anti-stain drug) and a photoprotector (sunscreen) with SPF 50, and the other 4% hydroquinone, with a photoprotector with SPF 50 and Fernblock® orally.

After 60 days, the use of oral Fernblock® in combination with standard 4% hydroquinone and a 50 SPF sunscreen gave significantly better results versus 4% hydroquinone with 50 SPF sunscreen alone. Fernblock® contributed to a faster and greater reduction in the extent and intensity of the melasma.

 Fernblock® and its effects on melasma

The researchers' conclusion was that the antioxidant and photoprotective properties of Fernblock® make it a valuable adjunct to skin depigmentation and anti-melasma treatment regimens. Thus, once again, the innovation, efficiency and endorsement behind Cantabria Labs products is revealed thanks to their exclusive patented technologies.


Drs. Goh, Chuah, and Thng are with the National Skin Center in Singapore. Drs. Vitale and Delgado are with the R&D Department at Industrial Farmacéutica Cantabria (IFC), SA in Madrid, Spain. Trial Registry: NHG Domain Specific Review Board (DSRB); Trial Registration Number: 2013/00237.

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