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How to Simplify Your Sun Protection Routine With Heliocare

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The Kiwi lifestyle is celebrated for getting us into the great outdoors, with family adventures, long coastlines, and beautiful hikes filling our weekends and holidays.

But with this comes the challenge of finding the best way to protect our skin from the harsh realities of the sun.

The almost endless sunscreen options out there can leave you feeling overwhelmed and desperate for a simpler solution. If you’ve ever wondered, ‘Isn’t there an easier way for me to achieve healthy, protected skin?’ - then this blog post is for you!

Join us as we unveil the secrets to a simple sun protection routine. With Heliocare’s exclusive advantages, you can elevate your routine like never before, and discover the key to sun protection that delivers.

The Challenge of Modern Sun Protection

Have you ever faced rows and rows of sunscreen bottles, wondering what’s the difference between them all? You know you need sunscreen, but you’re not quite sure which one is going to protect your skin the best.

This is a common struggle in today’s world, but it’s not just an overwhelming choice that can leave you puzzled and longing for a sunblock GPS! There are other challenges to face, such as:

  • Broad spectrum protection: Did you know that not all sunscreens protect you from both UVA and UVB rays? It's important to choose a sunscreen that offers comprehensive protection to keep your skin safe.
  • Suitable for NZ climate: Finding sun protection products that are suitable for the Kiwi climate and lifestyle can be difficult. We need something that specifically works well for us and our families.
  • Skin irritation and allergies: Some sunscreens contain ingredients that can cause skin irritation or allergic reactions for sensitive skin.

It seems the quest for a more convenient, simple, and effective sun protection solution is never-ending. That is until you discover Heliocare!

With our unique oral capsules and sunscreens, we tackle these challenges.

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Enter Heliocare NZ – Your All-in-One Solution

With our combination of oral capsules and topical sunscreens, we create a single, simplified routine for you and your family.

Heliocare distinguishes itself with its exclusive Fernblock® technology. This patented element harnesses the antioxidant properties of the Polypodium leucotomos fern that is native to Central America.

Fernblock® is at the core of all Heliocare products, both topical and oral. Our products are designed to work together to provide you with maximum protection from the harmful UV rays of the New Zealand sun.

Interested in learning more about our Fernblock® technology? Check out some fantastic information on our Science page.

Simplifying Your Routine with Heliocare

Our unique Fernblock® technology, developed in collaboration with Harvard Medical School, is not just about sun protection. It’s a holistic approach to skincare that aligns perfectly with the Kiwi way of life.

It couldn't be easier to incorporate Heliocare into your daily skincare routine. Start by taking our skin quiz to find your perfect duo (capsules and sunscreen) and then simply follow the directions on the bottles. Quick, simple, and maximum protection - what’s not to love?

Plus, check out these fantastic advantages of choosing Heliocare:

  • Heliocare oral capsules are backed by rigorous research and clinical trials. Science leads the way, and we reap the rewards!
  • Our sunscreens are lightweight, non-greasy, and easy to apply, so they are perfect for everyday use. No more juggling multiple products or skipping sunscreen because it feels heavy on your skin.
  • Fernblock® provides exceptional benefits, like protecting the skin against photoaging, helping to prevent skin cancer and DNA damage, improving skin tone and texture, and even fighting inflammation and promoting healing after sun exposure.

We take pride in our intensive quality standards that guarantee efficacy and safety. Radiant, protected skin is now within reach for every New Zealander!


Protect, nourish, and embrace the outdoor lifestyle with Heliocare. Don't let the sun hold you back from living life to the fullest!

Ready to simplify your sun protection routine? Explore the fantastic range of Heliocare products today.

Choose Heliocare for all-round protection and a healthier, happier you.

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