Deb's Ride to Raise for Melanoma NZ & Hospice

Deb's Ride to Raise for Melanoma NZ & Hospice

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Melanoma in New Zealand

New Zealand has the highest incidence of melanoma in the world, with over 4000 people diagnosed and over 350 deaths annually. It accounts for nearly 80% of all skin cancer deaths and is the third most common cancer in New Zealand 

Yet it's the most preventable

When we read the story of how Deb Moncur lost her husband after a long battle with melanoma, our hearts went out to her.

Deb has made the brave decision to ride 3000km's from the top of the North Island to the Bottom of the South Island in the hopes to raise money for Melanoma NZ and Hospice and also raise awareness of this preventable cancer.

An inspiring woman with a genuine cause - we just had to be a part of it.

Heliocare NZ & Deb Moncur

As soon as we heard her story and what she was planning on doing, we instantly thought of the large amount of time her skin would be exposed to the sun during this epic journey and we got in touch. Offering her the most advanced sun protection system, inside & out, was something we could contribute to her cause.

Heliocare NZ supports Deb Moncur on her ride from top to bottom of new zealand to raise awareness for melanoma nz and hospice

Deb has her backpack full of supplies and sun protection is top of the list.

Inside & Out protection

With the stresses her skin will be under, we've supplied Deb the Heliocare Ultra D capsules for protection and repair from the inside. We've also provided a selection of sunscreens including Heliocare 360 Water Gel for it's sweat resistant capabilities as well as Advanced Spray for her arms and legs. It's very light weight and won't block her pores so when she stops to reapply her sunscreen, she won't have that greasy feeling.

Finally, we provided her the 360 AK Fluid - Heliocare's registered medical device. As an SPF 100+ with 3 active repair enzymes, should Debs skin come under extreme stress, this topical paired with the Ultra D Capsules will provide her the ultimate protection while aiding her skin in the repair process.

Follow Debs Journey

You can read her story and follow her epic journey at her Give-a-Little page here:

For more information on Melanoma and how to spot the signs, check out this guide from Melanoma NZ: 


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