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Protecting your skin from the inside & out

“I can’t keep on neglecting my skin. I trust HELIOCARE because it’s the most advanced medical sunscreen both for creams and its HELIOCARE ORAL capsules. I think they’re a huge step forward for a person like me who sweats so much and spends so much time out in the sun.”
~ Rafa Nadal

360° Pro Pack
360° Pro Pack
360° Pro Pack
360° Pro Pack
360° Pro Pack
360° Pro Pack
360° Pro Pack
360° Pro Pack

360° Pro Pack

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Protect your skin from the inside & out

Heliocare capsules take your sun protection to the next level. Use them in combination with sunscreen and give your skin boosted anti-oxidant protection from within. Simply take one the morning before you head to the court!


Capsules with a clever combination of ingredients that supports the bodys response to sun exposure on all skin types.

With Fernblock®+, cysteine, vitamins and prebiotics, these capsules help to support the skin’s resistance from the first capsule. Gluten-free

30 capsules

Take 1 before sun exposure & always pair with topical sunscreen


Ultralight and hydrating photoprotector gel.

Its ultra-light, noncomedogenic aqueous formula is quickly absorbed leaving the skin hydrated and maintaining comfort during sun exposure. Its slow-release hydrating system keeps the skin hydrated from application and over time. Its characteristics allow comfortable use and daily application. It is water resistant, sweat resistant and does not irritate the eyes. It can be used on all skin types, even sensitive.

Rafa Nadal & Heliocare

With the help of Rafa, Cantabria Labs hopes to increase public awareness of the importance of good sun exposure habits and reach more people in a meangful way every year through its awareness campaigns for the prevention of skin diseases through the adoption of good habits and good oral and topical sun protection.

“Because of my sporting activity, I know I have exposed my skin to sun damage as I didn’t always follow good sun protection habits, but I think it’s never too late to do things better and both dermatologists and Cantabria Labs with HELIOCARE are the ones who I believe can help me improve my habits and transmit to others these best practices to prevent and repair sun damage” commented Rafa Nadal on signing the agreement.  

“360º sun protection with both oral capsules and topical sunscreen are ideal for me with my lifestyle. I already used sunscreen , but with sweating, not reapplying, and the length of the matches, I now know it wasn’t enough”, added the player.


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