Heliocare Capsules Ultra D 30s

Heliocare Capsules Ultra D 30s

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Designed for those who want sun support with added vitamin D

Capsules with a high content of Fernblock®, which supports the skins natural resistance to the sun from the first capsule as well as help with post-sun exposure repair. To be used in combination with a high SPF topical photoprotection. Its complete formula includes vitamins D, C and E, lutein and lycopene. 

  • Sun protection support
  • Post-sun exposure support
  • Antioxidant
  • Effective from the first capsule
  • Gluten-free

           30 capsules

          How to use

          Take 1 capsule daily before sun exposure. Always pair with an SPF50 topical sunscreen for maximum protection.

          • 480 mg Fernblock®
          • 5 mcg Vitamin D
          • 2 mg Lutein
          • 20 mg Vitamin C
          • 3 mg Vitamin E
          • 1 mg Lycopene


          Product Reviews

          IMPORTANT: Always use a SPF sunscreen and cover up during the highest UV times of the day.